Mar 23, 2010 it goes in Washington, so it goes here. Help make something good happen!

I try to keep this blog focused on local issues and food, but the more I learn about the direction our food system is going the more I understand that being passionate and hungry is not enough.  I have to be willing to get involved at a national global level.  Since it's highly unlikely I'll quit my day job and try to go up against the B-guys (Big Ag, Big-Biotech, Big-etc.) on K street, I make my positive, yet passionate voice heard online.  Here's your chance.

Finally the government is talking about the corporatization of the food system, but neither farmers nor consumers are invited to the table (pun intended) for the discussion. It’s all big ag! Now's our chance to tell the USDA and the Department of Justice we expect our food choices to be made by someone who cares about our families, rather than the contents of our wallets. And yes…I'm feeling snarky this morning! Sign the petition and tell your friends and family.

Mar 9, 2010

Thanks to our contribution the NDOA Plant Industry escaped budget cuts -- for now

A huge "Good on ya!" to everyone who contacted their Nevada Senate and Assembly representatives and told them it is important to save the Nevada Department of Agriculture Plant Industry (read the original post). For now, this really important government service escaped full closure. Time to be happy!

However, it is also time to get ready for the next round. The last emergency legislative session was charged with addressing a 1 billion dollar deficit -- according to the word I hear from people closer to the process the next session will involve a 3 billion dollar shortfall. Hard decisions will have to made, so we'll all have another chance to step up.

Woo hoo! Go foodies!