Oct 27, 2008

Eggs - fall/winter 2009

If you’re still in the market for eggs Rise and Shine Farms hens are still producing about 8 dozen each day and they expect to have eggs through the winter. Egg subscribers get the first shot at them but the remaining can be had by non-subscribers.

The cost is $4 per dozen and in-town deliveries happen on Tuesday and Friday, depending on your location. Contact Rise and Shine Farms for more information.

Nevada Wine & Grape seminar

From my inbox to you:

Nevada Department of Agriculture
in association with Western Nevada College presents:

Nevada Wine & Grape Seminar

World renowned winemaker and grape grower John Caldwell of
Caldwell Vineyards, as part of his tour of Nevada’s vineyards, will
discuss the Silver State’s climate, soil and water in relation to
growing grapes.

The Caldwell family has been in the California wine country
for 120 years. A viticulture legend, John Caldwell was the first in
Napa Valley to use the innovative technique of whole-berry,
direct-barrel fermentation for his red wines. He traveled in Europe
where he learned about a new wave of viticulture focused on
rootstocks and clones. Twenty-five years later, his vineyard has
grown to 123 acres, 70 of which are planted to vine.

Friday, November 7th, 10 am to 2 pm $25 (includes lunch)
$20 if you register before November 4th

Ginny Dugan . . . 775-423-7565 ext. 2230
Western Nevada College Fallon Campus
160 Campus Way Fallon, NV

Oct 21, 2008

Girl Farm is now Grow for Me Sustainable Farm and Teaching Center

Grow for Me Sustainable Farm and Teaching Center (previously known as Girl Farm) is now taking subscriptions for the 2009 season. This is a really great CSA program for quite a few reasons. First, they’re on a mission to train future farmers. Second, if Mother Nature is cooperative the share includes veggies, fruits and nuts. Third, program subscribers can also purchase dairy shares. And finally, they offer a range of basket sizes for all and special deals for students.

See the excerpt from an my mailbox below and go to GFMSFATC for more information.

"Hi all - as you may or may not know we are in transition from being a for profit farming operation to a nonprofit sustainable teaching farm and retreat. Currently we have placement for 25 new members for the 2009 season - memberships seem to go quickly especially the full season as our current members are still receiving fresh produce (cool weather crops, winter squash and root vegetables, and lots of greens) and of course the apples and berries were delicious this year - which is quite appealing considering the cost of food currently.

We look forward to another healthful season of bringing local fresh fruits and vegetables to your table. For those of you unfamiliar with a CSA and why it is a prepay program your dollars are directly used to add new crops (seeds, starts, and fruit, nut, and berries) to coordinate the largest variety and best and earliest and extended harvest your relationship to the farm purchased by your share allows us to organize and be prepared for the season.

Farmers rarely rest in fact planning is what has made us so successful and what we believe will be a promise to the future for generations. Won't you consider joining us?"

Oct 8, 2008

Girl Farm CSA is in a state of transition

Girl Farm has expanded their mission, and changed locations and name! Current Girl Farm CSA subscribers will likely get the updated information from Wendy, but for those of you who were thinking you might go to Girl Farm for the first time in 2009, you read it here first.

Girl Farm has been removed from the grower list. Hopefully the new program will be ready in time for the next CSA season. As soon as the information is available I'll get it posted.