Aug 29, 2010

Canning tomatoes - get 'em while you can

It's been a really crazy growing season. While I sit here in sipping coffee in my winter fleece, outside the weather is cold and cloudy...and it's August! Usually this time of year I’m giving away tomatoes just to get them out of my house, but not this year. Of the seventeen tomato plants I started with in May six survived and 1.5 are producing ripe tomatoes. The rest just sat there and took up space and nutrients all season. Thank goodness for farmers otherwise my family would have to get through winter eating fewer of my favorite cold weather meals.

Lattin Farms has tomatoes now. Get them while you can!

$15 for a 20 pound box (update - I called today to put in my order and learned that the price is $20 per 20 pound box) or 50¢ a pound for u-pick - all certified organic. Delivery options can be made for Reno. Call the farm at Toll Free: (866) 638-6293 or Local: (775) 867-3750 to order.

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