Feb 17, 2012

Main Station Farm community discussion continues on February 21st

At the request of the Reno City Council, UNR will hold a public forum regarding the Main Station Farm zoning proposal and the future of the farm. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 21st, 5:30 -7:30 pm at Joe Crowley Student Union.  Doors open at 5:00 p.m.

Free parking will be available on the third and fourth floors of the Whalen Parking Garage and directional signage will be posted on North Virginia Street.

The immediate issue on the table is UNR's request to zone 104 acres of the most fertile land in Reno to light industrial. UNR's stated intent is to protect the property's monetary value for possible future sale to developers or for a proposed flood plain project.

Community stakeholders are floating a different idea. That is, use this invaluable property to enhance Nevada’s future and rebuild an agricultural education program to meet the needs of sophisticated college students and 21st century challenges and opportunities.

This meeting is our opportunity to convey to UNR the level of community support for a new future and our collective opposition to the zoning proposal.

We know many are in favor of a different future for the Main Station Farm than the one currently in the UNR and Board of Regent plan, and all of us need to be at this meeting. We've heard from a broad spectrum of stakeholders. From those who live near the site to flood plain experts. From those dedicated to Nevada's long-term economic health to those who recognize Wolf Pack Meats as a key component of a healthy local food production system. From students who want to obtain their degree at UNR and put it to use in Nevada, to their parents who want to keep their educational dollars in Nevada. From established and emerging businesses that are creating food-system jobs and incomes, to the customers who buy from them. The list goes on.

UNR will likely return to the Reno City Council in March to continue the rezoning discussion. We hope to convince them to present a totally different proposal than the one on the table now. Join us and be at the meeting on Tuesday, February 21, 5:30 -7:30pm in the Joe Crowley Student Union to voice your support for a brighter future.

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